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Marketing Changes in times of Complexity: An Overview of the Modern Corporate Structures
Friday, 19 November 2010
 Marketing represents an important segment for the success of any company and certainly a strategic sector for any brand. Furthemore it is an area exposed to continuous evolution, given the demand to respond appropriately to changes in mass communication, consumer tastes, innovation and relationships with distributors.
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E-commerce in Hungary: A New frontier
Prospectives of the Online Market in Hungary.  Almost half of Hungarian internet users buy online regularly. E-commerce is expanding because it saves time by making purchases from home, from the office, or from any point of access to the internet.
The coffee market in Hungary – Where, how and why coffee is sold in Hungary?
Results taken from market research realized by Stamegna Management’s  Budapest Office. Hungary has proven once again to be a highly interesting market for operators in coffee trade.
U.S. Retailers and Their Category Focus.
  Retail sales are affected by many factors such as homes sales, interest rates, gas price, inflation rate, overall health of the economy and many others. Due to this fact, a retailer without a significant competitive advantage does not stand a chance to survive on the market.
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